About M&N Absolute Auto Repair in Everett, WA

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M&N Absolute Auto Repair started with a boy and his 1984 Firebird. After saving up for two whole summers to purchase his Firebird, owner Mike Doherty experienced what many car owners fear most: His engine broke down. A faulty oil change had left his engine in dire need of professional repair. But lacking the money to take his car to the shop, he decided to buy a car repair manual and roll up his sleeves instead. Engine fixed, Mike immediately knew car repair was his path.

Today, that same attentiveness to making your car work like new—while respecting your budget—is the driving force behind M&N Absolute Auto Repair. After all, our owner once stood in your very same shoes.

On our Annual Food drive we raised as a community 25 turkeys and 14 Cases/ totes of food for the Men, Women's and Children's Mission up at the Everett Gospel Mission. Way to go Everett Community and surrounding areas!! They will use all of this for the Christmas Dinner and future. Thank you all!!!

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