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Customer Reviews & Stories

If your looking to get anything done on your car, this is the place to go to. Mike and Vicki are incredible people. Never have I had such a pleasurable experience dealing with car repairs. Their prices are good, customer service is excellent, and repairs are done quickly and efficiently. If I could give them more than 5 stars I would!

Kris Ringler - Everett, WA

I used M and N for a buyer's inspection. They couldn't have been more thorough and helpful as I made the choice to purchase a new car. Thanks especially to Vicki for answering all my questions for a long time!! Great service.

Penny Carothers - Everett, WA

I found M & N Absolute Auto by googling for an ASE certified shop near me. They were just what the doctor ordered -- thorough, very well documented diagnostics, and a clear solution to my issue written up for my review. Straightforward owners, whom I dealt with directly. Having my repair done by them later this week. I have every confidence in their expertise. And honesty. Top notch place of business. Update: now that the repair is complete I'm very pleased with the result. As a shade tree mechanic myself, I asked a lot of probing questions and got the expected answers I wanted to hear. Things would be done in the manner that covered all the bases for my particular problem. This was the very first repair that I've had done on this vehicle, and I'll take it back to M & N Absolute Auto Repair when it needs maintenance or any service in the future. These folks are EXPERTS. And very nice to work with as well.

Edward T. - Everett, WA

I am very happy with the service I received at M&N Absolute Auto Repair. Most shops charge around $150.00 an hour . They charge less. They gave me a ride home and pickup me up. I was given a price and they stuck to the price I was given.

Deborah P. - Everett, WA - Yelp Review

This is the best automotive repair shop to go to! They do anything from oil changes, brake fluid flushes, rebuild transmissions, rebuild motors, and the list goes on and on. This is my go to shop whenever I need anything serviced on my car! The work Mike does is always satisfactory. All of the staff that work there are very friendly, and always give the best customer service. I would definitely recommend this shop for any of your automotive needs!

Jesse K. - Everett, WA

Had an amazing experience with them! They were very patient with me, and treated me with the utmost respect. They have a Friendly staff, and NaKena was very sweet, and kind as well. She was very empathetic with my situation, and even gave me a great deal regardless of the labor that was put into My car. I would highly recommend them to anyone in the Everett area.

James C. - Everett, WA - Yelp Review

Had a great experience with this place. I'm new to the area and needed a new mechanic and i definitely can see me staying here. Called to see if they could see what was going on with my car, they got me in the same day. They made the prognosis while i waited and gave me a estimate and all the things going wrong with my car. They gave me options and what needed fixes with what priority level. I really appreciate that. Plus they gave me a ride home while they kept my car to work on

Jenn G. - Mill Creek, WA - Yelp Review