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Saturday - July 29th, 2017
Silver Lake Park (Thornton A. Sullivan Park)
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The Wheels to Prosper initiative was started by auto shop owners striving to change the reputation and quality of service in the automotive repair industry. And by helping those in need, we hope to make a positive difference in our own communities as well.

Wheels to Prosper 2016 Winner

Congratultions Judy Mossely!

2014 Wheels to Prosper winner

Judy Mossely and she has lived in Monroe for about 10 years. She started off helping the founder of the Monroe Woman's Gospel Mission which houses 18 woman. She has done so much for the mission I don't even know if I can list them all. Now we have a transitional housing in Monroe where Judy actually lives also. Here there are 4 woman, one being her and one being me. She helps support the church that is part of the Mission by cleaning it and volunteering for events and taking woman from the mission to some of the functions there. The main mission house has a bible study every morning. The man who teaches it on Monday morning had to give up his drivers license due to health and age. She has been taking him to the mission so he can do the bible study with the woman. Every Monday. She takes him to his Dr. appointments, shopping all those things she is there. All he has to do is call and she is on her way. Same goes for the main mission. If anyone needs her there she's off to help them. If she sees anyone of us struggling she does what she can to help us out. Judy has had a hard life herself. She's not rich by any means and she is a senor on disability and this is what makes her so giving and caring because she doesn't want anyone to have to suffer the way she did.

2014 Wheels to Prosper winner
2014 Wheels to Prosper winner

2014 Wheels to Prosper winner

Wheels to Prosper 2015 Winners

Congratulations to Peyton Teague-Schmidt, Winner of the '99 Subaru Outback Legacy

2014 Wheels to Prosper winner

Peyton gives back to the community by volunteering at 2 local Hospitals one in Tacoma and 1 in Edmonds, Auctions, the Salvation Army, Nursing programs around the Seattle area, She is a mentor for Middle school students, and donates volunteer hours at the Aquarium in Seattle.


Congratulations to Sandra Dillings, Winner of the '00 Dodge Intrepid

2014 Wheels to Prosper winner

Sandra gives back to the community by volunteering at the Everett Gospel Mission where she volunteers her time, over 32 hours a week, to helping others who find themselves in similar situations that she has risen from. She has been a consistent, indispensable volunteer for several years at the Everett Gospel Mission. She returned several times weekly as an unpaid volunteer during those post years to assist us with a variety of duties which included but was not limited to cleaning/ sanitizing the rooms and buildings, maintain the organization of our linen and food pantries as well as notifying the staff of current needed products or items in order to serve our residents.


Wheels to Prosper 2014 Winner

Congratulations to Mike Thomas, Winner of the '04 Honda Civic

2014 Wheels to Prosper winner

Mike gives his time back to the community by helping people Rehab homes, get people to appointments once clean and out of Rehab and numerous other volunteer hours for Family, Friends and local community church up in his town of Snohomish, Wa.